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NSBHA is a volunteer organisation aiming to serve its hockey members. Your committees, the coaches, selectors and managers all donate their time in the interest of our sport and in seeking to provide valuable hockey experiences to all. Our volunteers are the people that enable programs, competitions, representative opportunities and development of players, umpires and coaches alike. We are so thankful for their contribution, and at any time would warmly welcome new faces to bring their own skills & passion to help!

In a sport that thrives on the contributions of its volunteers, NSBHA is fully committed to tapping the tremendous expertise within our local hockey community for the benefit of our programs. It is the only practical way we can operate. We’d kindly ask you keep this in mind.

Our volunteer staff will frequently be parents or partners, and almost invariably with a club affiliation from within our membership. NSBHA is acutely aware that this environment leaves our staff exposed to potential criticism of conflicted interest, particularly for parents as administrators, coaches and managers of our representative teams.

Please note, the profile of our membership will drive some peculiarities. For examples, we may see some NSBHA teams dominated by players from just 1 or 2 clubs, or more of our volunteers being drawn from clubs with larger pools of expertise. Open opportunity is absolutely promoted, but these anomalies are functions of our skewed demographic.

Nonetheless, NSBHA is unequivocally committed to maximising participation and fairness, ongoing quality and assurances checks on staff, independent scrutiny within key processes (trials / selections) and a range of other assurance processes. We genuinely work hard to address risks of bias or favouritism, but in a system mobilising resources from within our local hockey community it remains challenging to address the full range of perceptions.

If you ever have concerns, please raise them and NSBHA will surely respond seriously. However, we would also kindly ask that you reflect hard before targeting the dedicated volunteers that bring such life and enrichment to NSBHA hockey.

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