U11 Girls Teams 2018

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U11 Girls & Boys DRAFT Representative Program 2018

Unfortunately once again carnivals set for 2018 are not all same format, some are played across a half field & others on full field. Obviously this will impact how we select team sizes.
In 2017 we selected;
- 11G    3 teams of 10, split to 2 of 15 for full-field carnivals
- 11B     2 teams of 7/8, then combined to one for full-field carnivals
We are currently reviewing & will have finalised before program starts.

 Below is draft timetable which is subject to change once carnival formats and dates are confirmed.

There are player fees involved and accommodation/transport is players responsibility for all U11 carnivals. Teams may choose to stay together but NSB will not co-ordinate.

Research has shown that small-sided, modified field games provide a greater hockey experience for all levels of participation, with a focus on fun, participation and skill development. The players get more touches of the ball, put in more passes and have more shots on goal. Interestingly it also shows they run further!
Attached is information highlighting the benefits of small sided games.

 * HF Half Field & FF Full Field carnival            Dates are not finalised & subject to change

* HF Half Field & FF Full Field carnival            Dates are not finalised & subject to change


Player Fees
Player fees are payable and include all competition, training & umpires fees & coach incidentals. 
LINK to payment (http://www.nsbhockey.com.au/payments/
Select field fees, relevant age group & follow prompts to PayPal checkout OR
EFT Northern Sydney & Beaches HA BSB 633000 Acc 153451620 Players Name in details
There is a reduced goal keeper fee option when you come with own kit. ($150)

Accommodation & Transport
Each player/family will be responsible for any accommodation & transport requirements.

All new players should receive a 'player number' via email from Nicky Coghill.
You will need provide this number when ordering online viaXpress Promotions
Players will require playing & alternate singlet, playing & alternate sock & skort as a minimum.

Team Managers needed
We will need a manager for each team and would greatly appreciate anyone interested to contact me.
The management duties for these teams is relatively light as there are no accommodation & meal logistics.
The main responsibilities will be the distribution of info & taking care of team requirements at the actual competition. 

Umpires Needed
We are required to nominate an umpire for each team attending carnivals. Umpires receive payment for their duties
If there is anyone interested in umpiring (sibling, parent, friend) we would like to hear from you!  

U11 NSB Teams 2017

U11G Team 2017.png
U11B Team 2017.png

U11 NSBHA Teams 2016

U11/1                                                             U11/2
Bonny Adams          61                            Katelyn Bates           64
Jemima Barry          31                            Poppy Bland             65
Bronte Cheetham     1                            Holly Bland               66
Jenna Coghill           6                            Lily Blanshard          67
Sophie Fanning      35                           Stella Constable      70
Matilda Gauci          36                           Hannah Evans         69
Freya  Hewitt-Park  37                           Kendal Henderson  68
Emilie Huxley          62                          Sarah Hull                 71
Maggie Kellaway    39                           Bonnie Johnston     72
Ziggy Leong           40                           Michaela-Jayne Kennedy 73
Georgia Mantis       41                           Albee McInnes         74
Tilly Morgan           42                           Alana Miller              75
Jasmine Peterson 63                            Isabella Spencer     76
Alice Windybank   44                            Sophie Watson        77

Shadows - Kirra Budd, jade Guichon, Jessica Johnston, Chase Perrett

Oscar Baldwin           3
Josh Botha                2
Declan Budd             4
Pablo Ducarme         6
Marnix Fredrikze       5
Sam Litchfield            7
Rory Marsden            8
Broden McLaughlin  13
Finn Mcmurtry            9
Eliot Miller                  14
Niam Oxborrow         10
Kieran Poulton           11
Archie Rainback        12
Adam Watson            15