Opens Representative Teams

2024 Open Representative Teams

Eligibility Criteria

Age: Open

Registration: Players must either have club of origin status or NSB as their primary Association.

Availability: Players must be available for ALL events in the program. 

Financial: Players must have no outstanding invoices or payments due to NSB. 

Code of Conduct: Players AND Parents must have read and understood the Hockey NSW Code of Conduct and Stakeholders CoC.

Breeches of the eligibility criteria may result in a player not being selected or removed from a team. Please consider your eligibility before you register your nomination



Nominations are:

Womens  - Open NOW

Mens - Opening NOW





Additional Information

Player Fees
The player fees will be approximately:
OW - ~$275
OM - ~$280

The fees do not cover accomodation for the team. All NSB teams will be responsible for their own travel and accomodation requirements.

All new players should receive a 'player number' when they are selected for a team.
You will need provide this number when ordering online via Xpress Promotions 
Players will require playing & alternate singlet, playing & alternate sock & skort/shorts as a minimum.