U16 Representative Teams

2024 U16 Representative Teams

Eligibility Criteria

Age: Participants must be born in 2008, 2009

Registration: Players must either have club of origin status or NSB as their primary Association.

Availability: Players must be available for ALL events in the program. 

Financial: Players must have no outstanding invoices or payments due to NSB. 

Code of Conduct: Players AND Parents must have read and understood the Hockey NSW Code of Conduct and Stakeholders CoC.

Breeches of the eligibility criteria may result in a player not being selected or removed from a team. Please consider your eligibility before you register your nomination

Each year we send team/s to compete in carnivals and Field State Champs in this age group. 

We hold trials to ensure selected players/teams are competing in the correct division/s. All regions throughout NSW send teams to carnivals and its a wonderful atmosphere for all players.

We endeavour to field as many teams as we can accomodate. We will continue the succesful initiative of the Academys or allowing shadow players. This provides quality coaching opportunities for players not selected in teams. This improves skills and confidence with a view to helping players continue to play representative hockey in the future.

2024 U16 Teams

U16 Girls Team




Robbie Muir

Christine Cannon

Andy Van Pelt

2024 U16G/1

2024 U16G/2

2024 U16G/3

Annie Barnes

Alice George

Allegra Campbell

Annika Boys

Bella Woodall

Ashley Glenton

Arabella (Bel) Simons

Claudia Keiser

Aurelia Ruberto

Ella Dunstan

Daisy Dunn

Ava Hubbard

Eloise Fisher

Eden Parkes

Isabel Lewis

Erin Kelly

Emily Marang

Isabella Quail

Hannah Edwards

Emma Toepfer

Lola Warner

Isabella Mason

Fiene van den Biezenbos

Lucy Clifford

Jarra Gooley

Georgina Pinto

Lulu Warren

Leah Pope

Harriet Webster

Melline de Groot

Molly Heffernan

Jasmine Elliott

Paige Lindsay

Piper Cox

Kinvara Lewcock

Philomena Lee

Rileigh Smith

Maddie Miller

Phoebe Pockley

Rosie Aylmer

Sienna Gledhill

Pip Pardoen

Sienna kaill

Sydney Doyle


16 Boys Team



2024 Calendar UPDATED 29/04/24 

U16 Girls 2024 Events

U16 Boys 2024 Events




Additional Information

Player Fees
The player fees will be in the visicinty of:
U16G - ~$407
U16B - ~$407

Player fees are payable and include all competition, training & umpires fees & coach incidentals. 
Invoices will be issued to be paid online.

The trial registration fee will be deducted from the total. The trial fee is non refundable, except if:

  • If the player is withdrawn one week prior to the first trial.
  • If a player cannot be placed in a team or train-on squad (academy).
  • At the discretion of the Rep Convenor.

Accommodation & Transport

All NSB teams, including the U16 age group, families will be responsible for any accommodation & transport requirements.

All new players should receive a 'player number' when they are selected for a team.
You will need provide this number when ordering online via Xpress Promotions 
Players will require playing & alternate singlet, playing & alternate sock & skort/shorts as a minimum.
Academy players (not selected for a team) do not require a uniform.

Team Managers needed
We will need a manager for each team and would greatly appreciate anyone interested to contact me. 
The management duties for these teams is relatively light as there are no accommodation & meal logistics. 
The main responsibilities will be the distribution of info & taking care of team requirements at the actual competition. 

Umpires Needed
We are required to nominate an umpire for each team attending carnivals. Umpires receive payment for their duties.  
If there is anyone interested in umpiring (sibling, parent, friend) we would like to hear from you!